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Erotic Adult Established Turnkey Website www.lingerieandtoys.co.uk
Price: £ 399.00
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Established-Lingerie-Site-For-Sale www.sweetdreamslingerie.co.uk
Price: £ 399.00
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Our main goal has always been to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients, while presenting friendly and knowledgeable service at competitive prices. Our websites for sale are ready to use, fully functional. They are mainly known as Turnkey websites. Here you can find rich assortment of Amazon Affiliate Websites, Google AdSense, Internet Dating and Dropship websites. Turnkey sites are the easiest to use websites for sale and they provide you a great chance to get your share of the online market. In these technology advanced years, the online business takes bigger part of the global trade. That's why it is very important if you try to be part of the global online market, to do that with professional looking ecommerce websites. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) has become recenly part of the services that we offer. It will help your site to become more popular and therefore more successful. On the banner above you can check our daily offer for half priced website. It is unique opportunity and it is valid only for today.

The Three Simple Steps How You can Start Your OwnOnline Business


Choose your Turnkey website among our Affiliate, Dating, Dropship websites for sale.

Then choose your your domain name and turnkey website design.

Our price includes the registration of the domain name. But if you already have domain name and you prefer using it, then we can do that..

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Our team of programmers and web designers are ready to meet all your requirements with your turnkey website. Just consider what can make your turnkey website to look better and express your views to our support team

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Within 24 hours after your purchase, your turnkey website will be ready to use. We will send you an e-mail containing all the needed information you need to start your business.

Your Turnkey website is ready


What we offer you with our websites for sale is:

  • A Fully Setup Online Business with unlimited potential( which development is up to you)
  • Our turnkey websites are already installed and ready to use. Once you have bought a site you can use it immediately.
  • You own 100% of your website
  • When speaking about a domain name the client has two options to choose from: to use an already existing his or her domain name, or to choose a new one for FREE.
  • A guide on how to run your site and make it profitable.
  • Free support as long as you host with us
  • Many Tips on How to Promote Your Website
  • 1 month FREE Web Hosting and Support. When this period is over the Web Hosting is £ 5.00 per month.

All the sites we offer are Turnkey websites. Within these sites we use different techniques of making money online as well as on developing trade and services online.

We also want to introduce a new type of info website that can generate a long term revenue for you.It works like this:
First you choose a topic that you have a basic or advanced knowledge.
Then we create CMS website(Content Management Systems) with beautiful and unique design based on specific keyword combination.
After that our SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) experts will optimise and promote the site.
After 2-3 weeks of the launching of the site you will see that it becomes more and more popular thanks to our SEO and the quality content. Once you have the trafic, you can monetize it using AdSense, selling banners or advertising products. With the time passing, the site will become established and can give you the steady income that you need.

If you are show interest in these websites for sale, then you can contact us for further information.
We are now establishing a weekly changed tips for our clients. We are sure that this information will make your hours in front of the computer more pleasant and will speed up your daily tasks. You can check out all the tips we have posted following that link.
This week's Tip:

StumbleUpon- It is a great website that once you set your hobbies and interests, it leads you to various websites relative to your profile. There is button Stumble Your Interest that links you to all these new resources. One of the websites with most constant high traffic and very faithful audience. Link to the publisher.

If you have any questions about our recomendations please send them to websites-for-sale@consult-soft.co.uk
For any other questions you can contact us 24/7
If you like, then you can learn more about how you can earn from our Amazon Assosiate Program.
Also you can understand how Adsense works on the our websites for sale.

Here we introduce our main types of websites for sale:

Dropshipping Sites

Here the principle of generating income is to have a database with products offered by so called 'dropshippers'. They dispatch the order to your client from your name and you win the difference between your price and the price of the dropshipper.

Dating Sites

You gain from the payment of dating site's costumers. You define the right price that your costumers are willing to pay. You can promote the site within your city and you can use your social circle as a start up

Amazon Affiliate Sites

You earn between 5 and 10 percent of the Amazon price of the sold articles. These percents keep rising with the time passing. You can promote to your friends because the price of Amazon is the same. You can use it and for your orders but the receipt must be somebody that you know. By this you gain 5-10% of the Amazon price.

E-Commerce Sites

Here you must take care for the products and their shipping. It will perfectly suitable for already established business that does not have website. We can adjust the website to fit our specific needs.

eBay Affiliate Sites

These sites present the list of related to the topic product on eBay. As a result you will be paid suitable revenue. You can receive 8-15 pounds for every new user, and between 50%-70% on a successful transaction.

YouTube Video Sites

The site is optimized for specific video content fed by YouTube. You earn from the implemented in the site AdSense and Commission Junction(CJ).

Please remember that you as a costumer and we as a company must work together.
So it is our appeal to you to ask all the questions that you need to be answered.
If you have a specific idea about your site, you shouldn't bother to ask.
If you are happy with our servicer, then we ask you to write a short feedback
and send it to us. It will be posted it inside our testimonials page.
If you have any recommendations how we can offer better and more profitable websites for sale, we will be happy to be acknowledged.
By purchasing one of our websites for sale, you made an investment for your furure. But as any investment it need to be treated as a econimic structure.
Like any investment you must know that it gets better with the time.
It is very useful for your site if you decide to purchase our initial SEO service for 150 pounds. That web service will definitely bring more visitors to your site and therefore you will have more costumers and bigger profit. Having a website for sale is investment like any other and it needs its additional costs which in this case is the SEO service. After the initial SEO, our optimisation service costs 70 pounds for any additional month. Of course if you decide to have SEO service for your site for more than 6 months, we'll give you discount. You can follow the next link if you want to learn more how to earn more from our webites for sale. Please check our testimonials to assure that we treat with extra care our business partners,i.e. our clients. Also we want to receive your feedback, by writing to our Support team, about the quality of our websites for sale