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Consult-Soft Affiliate Program

Have you ever thought of joining any Affiliate Program?  —   If the answer is yes, please have a look at the one we offer you. Joining our Affiliate Program will provide you with easy and profitable online based business, what is even more lucrative is the fact that no additional experience or effort is needed.

What is it in fact?
Let's give some details about all this:
  —  First of all - the structure of the program is clear and obvious - you will simply earn money from referring visitors through an affiliate link.
  —  Second - the program we offer you is very flexible that makes it easy to add to any website.
  —  Third - for being our Affiliate you will be paid a commission for all purchases- unique or not.

As a whole - all you need is just to add our banner to your website, and then everybody who comes from your website and makes a purchase will bring you a commission. Your commission will vary, depending on the purchase made from the client you refer to us. In other words, the bigger the order is the higher you commission will be.

Price Range Commission Worth
£1.00 - £25.00 GBP 5%
£25.01 - £50.00 GBP 10%
£50.01 - more GBP 20%

How to become an Affiliate?
  —   Just fill out our Affiliate Program Application. Even though the registration process is simple, we will assist you during it, so as to avoid you face any difficulties. When the registration process is finalized, you will immediately receive all the info to get started.
There is only one very important question: how can you be sure you receive your commissions?
  —   After setting up tracking, you for sure will receive your money. So as not to be a problem for our Affiliates, it is automatically integrated. We'll make that for you and when the amount in your account reaches the required minimum, you will receive your payment.

Join Our Affiliate Program and Start Earning Money NOW!