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What Amazon Affiliate Program Is?

Associates is the Amazon.com's affiliate marketing program. The program was launched in 1996. As one of the first online affiliate marketing programs Associates has helped web site owners, Web developers and Amazon sellers make money. Associates drive internet traffic to Amazon.com through special links that allow tracking sales and other activities. Linking to Amazon products and services is beneficial, because you can add impressive content to your site visitors and receive up to 10% in referral fees. Associates' latest innovations are aStore, OmakaseLinks, and Product Previews.

By aStore you can create a professional online store quickly, that can be embedded within or linked to from your web site. It is also important to notice that you don't need any programming skills. aStore helps you create a dedicated shopping area on your web site. You have to keep visitors longer on your web site while shopping. You have to select the Amazon products to feature, whether to include all the products or just the categories you have chosen. In order to make your store look unique- customize its look and feel.

Offer your visitors a shopping cart for single and multiple item purchases.
Show Product Details- this way you can provide your customers with reviews and information from Amazon.com, such as informative product descriptions, Recommended Products, Amazon Editor Product review, up-to-date product information and themed product list from Amazon.com customers.

All Associates have free access to aStore. There are two types of payment - the Classic Fee Structure and the Performance Fee Structure. When you join the program you will automatically be enrolled in the Performance Fee Structure. That way you start earning referral fees; in addition you will always have access to your earnings and traffic reports.
The Associates program offers you many benefits including the opportunity to generate money via your site, a wide range of products to promote from Amazon.com, easy-to-use tools to customize the links, information about your visitor's preferences and link performance and also the chance to interact with other Web site owners.

Product Previews are an easy way for the visitors to view specified information for the product without having to click through to Amazon.com. When visitors hover over a Product Preview - enhanced text or image link, a window appears. It contains the image of the product, new and used prices, average customer review and availability. There are two options for the visitor to add items - directly to their Amazon.com shopping carts or to click through to product details on Amazon form the product window. By using Product Preview you can offer your customers a convenient way for adding products to their carts while enjoying your site's content.

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